Born on February 23, 1967 in Turkey
Immigrated to Berlin/Germany in 1977
Graduated from High School in 1986
1989 – 1996 Hochschule der Kuenste “Meisterschueler” Master Degree in Sculpture
1993 lived in Paris for 6 months on a scholarship Ecole de Beaux-Arts
1998 – 1999 Lived and worked in Chicago
Since 2000 lives and works in Berlin

Has sold sculptures to the following institutions:
• RWE Dortmund, Germany, one of the largest electricity works
• Gas AG Berlin, Germany
• BewAG now Vattnfall, Berlin, Germany
Many of his sculptures have found a home in private households.

Artist Statement

It doesn’t make any sense and is basically impossible to talk about art; because, if it were possible, all you would be doing would be talking and you wouldn’t have to do anything. Unless of course talking about art, is art in itself. So even if what I first said and what I am doing now is contradictive, I have to do it.
What is essential to me is, that content and structure don’t get out of control, but that both elements are kept in a balance. Content is nurtured by memories about things that have happened, and things that haven’t happened, and by things that are happening around me, and by different things that are happening at the same time.
There comes a moment when the picture has a life of its own; that’s when the heaving breathing and the trembling start. Some sort of a dialog is happening between my picture and myself; I am surprised by what my hands are doing. To bear and understand these goings on, painting becomes my tool.
I am interested in the cracks and contradictions in my paintings. These are the conditions where the pictures function and create their own reality. The figure and the other representations are parts of my work, which, when they are ready, will become intrinsic parts of a living opposite.
The feeling of wanting to be at home is guiding my every move.